Hey guys! I’m Thea, a female tattoo artist located in Fullerton, California at my studio, The Wild Rose. The studio is private and by an appointment only basis.  I specialize in 100% custom, Neo traditional tattoos. I enjoy subject matter that includes floral, wildlife, victorian/ornate elements, gems/jewels, and anything “pretty”.   I have been tattooing 14 years and see each new tattoo as an opportunity to grow and refine my craft. I pride myself on my work ethic and for that reason, only accept appointments that I feel are best suited for me and my style. If I don’t think we’d be a good fit, I’m always happy to refer you to another artist, if I know of one. 

You are welcome to browse my website, and if you find yourself ready to request an appointment, please click the “Request an Appointment” button at the top of the page, fill the form out, and I will email you back in a day or two! There is no pressure to book, feel free to request a quote if you’d like to. I’ll do my best to give you an accurate idea of the budget you’ll be needing for the piece you want. I open by books 4-5 times per year to keep the wait times short and keep my schedule organized. If my books are closed at the time of your request, I encourage you to email again when they are open.