Client Reviews

Sarah. D

Thea completed my whole arm sleeve and did such an amazing job! Because she does custom designs, I had no idea what the design would look like and when I saw each of the 3 pieces, I was so impressed with how she brought to life my ideas. She is also just a dope person and is very easy going and chill during the tattoo! Would 1000% recommend her and definitely will be getting more of my own!

Jamie C.

Thea is my absolute favorite tattoo artist. Every time she drops new designs and opens her books, it’s like Christmas morning! I have been lucky enough to get a few different pieces from Thea. Her designs are gorgeous and she knows how to bring them to life with the right placement and colors for your body. What’s more, I always feel comfortable and safe in Thea’s studio. She has created a badass private studio safe haven that minimizes a lot of the extraneous anxiety-inducing factors that can affect your tattoo experience, from having plenty of free parking to offering accommodations right in the booking form. Whether you’re ready for your first tattoo or your 50th, Thea will make your experience a great one.

Krystina L.B.

I had been stalking Thea on Instagram for a while until I got it together enough to get some work from her. I’ve never really been a floral person (and still aren’t) but I absolutely LOVED her style so I knew she was perfect for my sleeve. I wanted the flowers from my bridal bouquet which are peonies, dahlias and roses and anyone that’s followed Thea for at least 5 seconds knows all of those are literally her thing. I’ve been tattooed by other artists but can honestly say Thea made the entire experience much more enjoyable because really getting lightly stabbed repeatedly is not fun. She’s hilarious for one but is also so relatable and friendly. She’s also very good at communicating and keeps you in the loop with where she’s at with your drawing. We finished the sleeve a few years ago and I still proudly say thank you yes SHE did a great job. 100/10 would recommend.

Samara M.

Thea is the queen of neo-traditional tattoos in my heart and eyes. I had been following her online for a couple years and finally decided what I wanted to get. She is the only artist I want to give me a sleeve tattoo; I only decided that after she did my first arm tattoo. I was so happy when I saw my design. She gave me option to change,  but it wasn’t necessary. When I arrived for my appointment, we talked about placement of the stencil and she made sure it was perfectly straight/a good spot if I decided to add more later. Homegirl truly has a light hand, and is super fast! My panther-head/floral tattoo is 8 in. tall and she finished in 3 hours. Her beautiful artwork makes me feel confident and strong. Definitely looking forward to our next session for my sleeve.

Katlyn M.

“Thea is my favorite tattoo artist of all time. She genuinely cares about her clients and the pieces she tattoos. You will never get a tattoo you aren’t happy with because Thea puts her heart and soul into each peace she does. Don’t even get me started on her color application. Freaking FLAWLESS!!! As if all of that wasn’t enough, Thea also puts in the time to make sure each client is comfortable whether it be a silent session or one where you have special requests. She truly goes above and beyond.”

Olivia C.

I’ve gotten tattooed by Thea 3 separate times and each time was amazing! Her art work is incomparable and beyond amazing! Also she’s incredibly quick, I’ve been tattooed by other artists that take up my entire day for a small piece and as someone who doesn’t have a lot of time off I appreciate how quickly Thea gets this work done. My favorite neo traditional artist and I will continue to come back for her work😊  I would and do absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for an artist !

Nick H.

Thea completed my whole arm sleeve and did such an amazing job! Because she does custom designs, I had no idea what the design would look like and when I saw each of the 3 pieces, I was so impressed with how she brought to life my ideas. She is also just a dope person and is very easy going and chill during the tattoo! Would 1000% recommend her and definitely will be getting more of my own!

Fallyn M.

I began getting tattooed by Thea in may of 2021 and have since returned to be tattooed by her 3 additional times. Each experience is nothing short of fantastic. She has drawn 3 custom pieces for me and each time she has beyond exceeded my expectorations. She is nothing short of an artistic genius. By far the best experience Ive ever had when getting tattooed. she is kind, quick, and professional.

Allison A.

I’ve gotten 5 tattoos from Thea and plan to get many more. Comfortable environment, painless tattooing, crispy linework and she is FAST. like, full color thigh piece in 3 hours type fast. Everything I have gotten from Thea heals fully in less than 2 weeks with no scabbing, scarring, fading, or pain. She has always made sure I like the placement, colors, and that I am comfortable throughout the whole process. Best of all, her tattoos are gorgeous and I get compliments everywhere I go! I’ll be back soon, and again and again!

Jesica F.

Ive been going to Thea for a little over a year now for my tattoos, and I can say with certainty that I will continue going to her for years to come. Not only is her work amazing, but she’s extremely talented in making people feel comfortable. Her studio felt like a safe space and remained that way for the entirety of my appointment. Obviously tattoos are quite painful and I always get nervous leading up to an appointment, but never once has she made me feel uncomfortable. She’s extremely patient with me and is reassuring throughout the whole process. I booked with Thea initially for her beautiful tattoo work, but I will continue coming to her because feeling at ease while being tattooed is not something I’m willing to compromise. Very grateful to have found her!

Alicia R.

I recently got tattooed by Thea for the first time and I cant say enough good things about her! This was my first large tattoo and Thea made the experience an awesome one! Her studio is so cute and the privacy made me feel so comfortable right away. I feel like i was more nervous about awkward silence or just being alone with someone I dont know for so many hours more than the tattoo itself, but within the first few minutes of speaking with her that stress went out the window! I am obsessed with my tattoo and catch myself staring at it daily. This piece means the world to me and I am proud to have Thea’s art on my body and I can’t wait to add on!

Sarah. S.

Okay so I cannot say enough good things about Thea and her work. She is an absolute artist. You give her an idea and she comes up with something that is amazingly beyond your imagination of what you thought it could be. She is always such a rad person and so accommodating to your needs. Each session is like hanging with a great friend, I never thought id be laughing as much as I do when getting tattooed blasted on my body. 120 outta 10 highly recommend this badass lady!

Bubba G.

Thea’s little studio is super comfortable. She nailed the drawings first try and the end result came out even better than I expected. You can tell she’s experienced because she’s fast but steady handed. The jokes help pass the time too. I got two tattoos in an afternoon. Thanks Thea!

Aileen K.

Thea is honestly the best tattoo artist I’ve gotten the pleasure of working with. I’ve been a huge fan of Thea’s work and creativity. I’ve waited patiently for a long time to be tattooed by her and let me tall you… the wait was 1000% worth it! She took my ideas for my perfect pet portrait and brought to life the most beautiful tattoo of my pup. I felt a little emotional honestly. The best part is that she communicated with me prior to my appointment to make sure it was going to be perfect. When I met Thea in person, she immediately made me feel comfortable. She had like this chill and super friendly vibe which took my anxiety away. I felt like the hours went by fast. We shared stories and laughs. The entire environment was just calming and comfortable. My experience was nothing less than perfect. I will definitely come back for more ink from Thea!

Sierra T.

I found Thea through my sister in law Shawna who has gotten such amazing work done from her. I’ve only gotten one so far (and its the most beautiful little black and gray) but I cant wait to get more. Thea is really attentive and chill to talk to. and SUCH an artist!!! I also like her aftercare for the tattoo.