aftercare instructions

Traditional Aftercare

  • Carefully remove bandage and tape
  • Wash tattoo with gold dial antibacterial soap
  • Gently clean tattoo using a circular motion until all ointment, blood, and lymphatic fluid is removed.
  • Rinse the tattoo and wash once again, gently, until the skin is clean
  • Pat dry with a CLEAN paper towel, regular towels carry bacteria and mildew.
  • Use a very thin layer of aquaphor or balm of your choice.
  • Repeat ointment 2-3 times a day with clean, freshly washed hands, for the next 2-3 days.
  • Wash your tattoo in the shower daily, with the antibacterial soap. You may wash more than once if you get dirty, or simply wish to wash more frequently. Do not exceed 3x day.
  • Stop ointment after day 3, and switch to plain, unscented lotion for the next 4-5 days, whenever your tattoo feels tight or dry.
  • Do not scratch, pick, or rub the scabs/flaking. This will result in color loss, as well as scarring.

     Infections are rare, but can happen. If you suspect you have an infection, call

your doctor immediately, so that you may be treated with antibiotics. Signs of
infection are fever, pus/green oozing from the tattoo, extreme pain, redness,
and heat surrounding the tattoo that is not getting better. Slight soreness/pain,
itchiness, mild swelling, and slightly irritated skin is typically normal, but will improve daily.

Bandage Aftercare

  • The day after your appointment, (or immediately, if your bandage leaks/falls off on the first night) remove your bandage while in the shower. 
  • From the bottom corner of the bandage, peel UP and AWAY from yourself, not back toward you, like you're waxing. 
  • Allow the blood, lymphatic fluid and ink to drain, and wash your new tattoo well with antibacterial gold dial soap, or any unscented antibacterial soap. DO NOT use body wash, fragrances can really irritate your new tattoo and skin, and potentially alter healing. 
  • Pat your new tattoo dry with a clean paper towel only. Do not use a regular towel, you dont want bacteria and lint being stuck under the bandage you're about to put on.
  • Peel the back off your second bandage, apply to your tattoo, then peel the front off. Make sure to try your best to avoid air bubbles, and leave at least 1 inch of bandage from every edge of the tattoo to allow adequate room to weep within the bandage without leaking out.
  • This bandage will stay on for the next 3-5 days. The longer you wait, the more healed your tattoo will be when you remove this bandage. Do not exceed 5 days.
  • When you remove this bandage, wash your tattoo again very well with antibacterial soap. Be sure to remove any leftover adhesive from the bandage that may be stuck to your skin. This can be done with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.
  • You can now use unscented lotion as frequently as you want to moisturize it until its fully healed. It should not be open, or have any scabs at this point. if it does, continue with traditional aftercare. 

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