Do you charge flat rate, or hourly?

    I believe in being upfront and honest about pricing. While my rates may not be the cheapest, I stand behind the quality of my work, which is a luxury service. My minimum fee for a tattoo is $400, and this usually covers a palm-sized design. Please keep in mind that this fee excludes neck or hand tattoos. For smaller pieces that can be finished in one session, I usually offer a flat rate. However, for more intricate designs, I may charge an hourly rate of $275, with a 2 hour minimum. My hourly rate may seem high compared to other artists, but it reflects my experience and efficiency. In fact, I can often complete a design in half the time it may take another artist who charges $150 an hour. Please don't let my hourly rate intimidate you, as it is more geared toward larger, multiple session projects, such as sleeves. For simpler designs, I generally prefer to offer a flat rate so that we can both have a clear expectation of the cost. If you see a pre-drawn design on my Instagram labeled "up for grabs," chances are it will be a flat rate. Additionally, for large-scale projects, the first session of lining is usually a flat rate as well. I am always happy to provide an estimate beforehand, and I encourage clients to let me know if they have a strict budget. If the project is something I am interested in doing, I can always adjust the design or size to be more within your pricing range, if it is reasonable to do so.

What is the deposit for, and how does it work?  

    The deposit is a crucial step in securing your appointment time and ensuring that I have ample time to design your tattoo. To make this happen, all deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions. However, I have good news! If you keep your appointment as scheduled, your deposit will be applied towards the total cost of your tattoo. For example, if your tattoo costs $400, you will pay a $200 non-refundable deposit. On the day of your appointment, your balance due will be $200. I have varying deposit amounts depending on the size and complexity of your tattoo. For smaller, one-session pieces, my standard deposit is $200. If you're planning a larger piece like a sleeve, deposits start at $650. For more complex tattoos like backpieces, deposits are $1500. Please note that the different deposit amounts reflect the time and effort it takes to design each piece.

How do you choose the projects you want to take on?

   With over 15 years of experience, I have developed a unique style that I enjoy tattooing the most. However, due to limited booking slots, I only select projects that align with my style. My priority is to create beautiful tattoos that you will cherish for a lifetime. I am committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all clients. Therefore, I do not tattoo racist or hate-fueled designs, and there are some themes that I may not be able to accommodate. These include specific cultural imagery, such as dreamcatchers or head dresses, as well as sunflowers, pocket watches, hummingbirds, family tree tattoos, nautical/ocean themes, cover-ups (unless they've been lasered or severely faded), carnations/marigolds, Day of the Dead/sugar skulls, Polynesian/Hawaiian, tribal, and watercolor tattoos with no black in the design. I do not offer micro-tattoos, and I do lean towards doing larger scale tattoos, as I love including a lot of detail, and need space to accomodate for those intricate designs. My style is described as feminine, classical, and soft, with bold lines and rich colors. If you have any questions or concerns about my work, feel free to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the site. 

How often do you open your books?

   I have a system in place to ensure that my waiting list stays relatively short, giving you the opportunity to book an appointment with me every 3-4 months. By doing this, I am able to maintain the flexibility to plan events and vacations in my schedule without having to cancel too many appointments if something comes up.
I tattoo 3-4 days a week in the studio, dedicating the other days to working from home and drawing for my upcoming appointments. This allows me to give each of my clients the time and attention that they deserve, ensuring that their tattoo experience is both enjoyable and unforgettable.

Do you allow numbing cream?

   I want you to have the best possible experience during your tattoo appointment. While I always recommend coming to your appointment without numbing, I understand that some individuals may not be able to tolerate certain areas getting tattooed. In these cases, I will allow you to use numbing cream to ensure you are able to sit still and finish your tattoo. I do offer a numbing cream that has been tested and approved by me. It is affordable, effective, and does not cause issues with skin texture. We highly recommend against purchasing numbing cream off of Amazon, as many of them do not work and can negatively affect your tattoo healing/application. While there is always a risk of an allergic reaction or poor healing with numbing cream, it is ultimately your choice and responsibility to take that risk. We do encourage you to do a patch test a few days before your appointment to ensure you are not allergic. If extensive touch-ups are necessary, the cost will be your responsibility. I carry and recommend a specific tattoo numbing cream that is $30 per tube. (Tattoo Numbing Cream is the brand.) It must be applied to clean, shaved skin 90 minutes prior to your appointment, so we encourage you to purchase it beforehand and apply it at home. To purchase, simply DM us and I will priority mail it to you, or pick it up in the studio before you leave, so you have it on hand for your next appointment!

Do you finish other artists work?

    I am grateful for the large group of loyal clients who choose me to create original pieces for them. Unfortunately, I am unable to touch other artists' work, except under very special circumstances. This is because my availability is limited and I prioritize my existing clients. Furthermore, it's important to show respect to other artists by not altering their work.
I understand that you may have had a negative experience with your previous artist. It's important to feel comfortable and respected during the tattoo process, and I encourage you to find a new artist who will treat you with professionalism and kindness. You deserve to have a positive tattoo experience and I hope that you find the perfect artist for you.

What is the difference between flash, predrawns, and custom pieces?

   Flash: Small pieces that are priced very attractively ; typically small and can be done multiple times on many clients, making them a great option if you're not sure what you want, need to fill a small gap, or have a smaller budget. No need to ask if flash pieces are still available, as they will be done more than one time.

   Predrawns: Want a new tattoo, but don't have any strong ideas? Predrawn designs that are personally created by me, to make the decision process easy on you. I take great pleasure in drawing these designs, and they come in both flat rate and hourly options, depending on their size. Please note that these designs cannot be customized and are to be tattooed as is. Each design is exclusive to one client and will not be duplicated. If have a moderate to high budget, enjoy my signature style, and want to bypass the creative process during your appointment, then predrawn designs are the perfect choice for you.

   Customs: Custom designs are exclusive to you, bringing your vision or idea to life with precision and care. Trust me to deliver a final product that you will truly love and cherish for years to come.

Do you do cover ups?

   While I used to specialize in cover ups, I found that doing too many of them left me feeling burnt out. That's why I now focus on working with untattooed, clean skin to create new pieces that truly showcase your unique style and personality. Please note that unless you've had extensive laser treatment, or the tattoo is almost completely faded, I do not currently offer cover up services.

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